20110715 Friday Hilton Vienna Board meeting

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The time has come to gather in Vienna for the annual face-to-face of the ISCB board of directors meeting starting Friday, July 15 at 5:30pm (reception with past BoD starts at 4:30pm). The full agenda is noted below.

If you will not be attending you must submit a proxy before the scheduled start of the meeting per the instructions on the form. Proxies have been received so far from Rick Lathrop, Jill Mesirov, Olga Troyanskaya, and Tan Tin Wee. If there is even a slight chance you might miss the meeting, submitting a proxy is recommended (it will be cancelled out if you do attend). The proxy form for this meeting is accessible at https://www.iscb.org/bod_private/currentproxyform, and you must login to your membership account and then go to the URL above, which is also on the Board of Directors Intranet menu on the left of the page (under the My ISCB menu if you happen to navigate away from the login page or already be logged in). Select Current Proxy from the menu, complete the form and hit the submit button. Please only assign your proxy to another board member if you have confirmed in advance that that board member will attend and represent you during the meeting.

For those of you submitting proxies, if you would like to attend all or part of the meeting via Skype, please provide to me no later than Thursday, July 14, your Skype name, and specify which part(s) of the meeting you wish to participate. We will call you via Skype at the requested time, although technical difficulties have sometimes prevented this from being possible. We will try our best!

All supporting documents are now attached and are posted to the online BoD agenda. To access the agenda online please go to https://www.iscb.org/bod_private/currentagenda which requires login, or, if you are already logged in, you will find it by navigating to the My ISCB tab, then scrolling to the Board of Directors Intranet menu on the left of the page, and then selecting Current Agenda from that menu's options.

On July 10/11 Dietlind Gerloff mailed instructions to prepare for the elections in Vienna. If you have not yet read that mail, please do. Included in the attached zip file is the ISCB BoD pre election procedure document that is referenced in Dietlind's mail. In particular, please note that Board election ballots will be collected during the cocktail reception. The complete Election Booklet can be downloaded from the BoD Intranet (directly from the agenda, or by selecting Endorsement Results at the top of the BoD Intranet menu). Please print off pages 3 and 4 of the Election Booklet and bring your completed Round 1 Ballot to the cocktail reception to hand in to BJ, Suzi, Dietlind, or Scott.

Finally, the meeting will start at 5:30pm with "Speed Stating" where each director takes 60 seconds to make a statement about themselves, including their area(s) of research. No slides can be shown during this getting-to-know-you session, but please do be prepared to share whatever you would like the other board members to know about what interests you in 60 seconds or less.



Annual In-Person Board of Directors Meeting
July 15 & 16, 2011

Hilton Vienna Stadtpark Hotel - Klimit Ballroom 3

Address: Am Stadtpark 1, Vienna, Austria A- 1030
Tel: 43-1-717000

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Friday, July 15 16:30 (4:30pm) – 21:30 (9:30pm):
Cocktail reception with current and past Board of Directors

Official BoD meeting starts (past BoD leaves; current BoD please be on time!)

17:30 Roll Call/Approval June 9, 2011 minutes (Scott Markel)
17:35 Speed Stating (All Directors take 60 sec each to state their research areas)
18:00 BoD Election (Dietlind Gerloff / Scott Markel)
18:30 Session 1: Nominations & Elections Procedures (Dietlind Gerloff / Scott Markel /
Anna Tramontano)
19:15 Dinner served
20:00 President’s State of the Society Report (Burkhard Rost)
20:15 Treasurer’s Financial Report (Reinhard Schneider)
20:30 Session 2: Fundraising (Reinhard Schneider / Stacy Slagor (guest))
a. Phase 1
b. Phase 2
End of Saturday Board Sessions

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Saturday, July 16 08:30 (8:30am) -12:00 (12noon):
Continental breakfast

09:00 Meeting begins; Roll Call (Scott Markel)
09:05 Review of Friday BoD Session (Scott Markel)
09:10 Session 3: Conferences (Janet Kelso)
Session 3a: Repeating ISMB sites

Session 3b: Structure of ISMB
09:55 Bio-break
10:05 Session 3: Conferences continued (Janet Kelso)
Session 3c: Madrid option for 2013

Session 3d: Regional meetings expansion
10:50 Session 4: Publications Committee (Scott Markel)
11:05 Session 5: Affiliates Rep to the Board (Bruno Gaeta)
11:20 Session 6: Fellows Voting Procedures (Alfonso Valencia)
11:50 Wrap-up (Burkhard Rost)
12:00 BoD meeting ends
12:00 Informal luncheon (optional)
13:00 Informal luncheon ends
Session Details
Friday, July 15: 16:30 (4:30pm) – 21:30 (9:30pm) (including reception and working dinner)
18:30-19:15 Session 1: Nominations & Election Procedures
(Dietlind Gerloff / Scott Markel / Anna Tramontano)

Several years ago the election of officers was changed from one in which only Board members participated, to one in which every member was given voting rights. In more recent years very minor changes have been made to the timing of various elements of the Board/Officer nominations and/or elections process to increase participation and/or facilitate the internal management of the processes. Most recently, this included a change in the 2011 Officer elections dates to coincide with ISMB in an effort to greatly increase participation from the typical <10%.

The Nominations Committee chairs will now lead a discussion in the Board on proposals such as the option of staggering the timing of Officer elections so that not all positions are elected at the same time (just as staggered terms are in place for Board members to keep the entire Board from turning over at once), term duration limits, adding a position of Immediate Past President to the Executive Committee, and possibly creating a Past President’s Advisory Council.

20:30-21:30 Session 2: Fundraising
(Reinhard Schneider / Stacy Slagor)

Results of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Fundraising Feasibility Study conducted by Fundraising Consultant Stacy Slagor will be presented for discussion on which options ISCB can adopt and what resources can be put toward them.
Saturday, July 16 09:00 (9:00am) -12:15 (12:15pm):
09:10-10:50 Session 3: Conferences (Janet Kelso)
The Conferences session will includes the following four segments:
3a) Structure of ISMB – The number of tracks offered at ISMB has grown substantially in the last five years. The Board should now spend time evaluating the success of the current set of tracks, and consider how to continue. Should the structure of ISMB remain the same, or can some tracks be reduced, removed, or replaced with alternative sessions that would ensure that the conference retains its relevance to the broad ISCB community? How will any changes in the breadth of the conference impact attendance?

3b) Repeating ISMB sites – Vienna is the first ISMB site to be repeated, and the concept of finding sites that can be returned to is one that the conference planning staff has promoted for several years due to inherent benefits of returning rather than identifying, selecting, and planning for new venues with each new conference. Boston was informally discussed as the next site to be repeated due to the many successes of the 2010 conference. A proposal was put to the Conferences Committee to consider Boston for 2014, but the committee membership was split on whether repetitive sites are the right way to move forward. Therefore, this topic is brought to the ISCB Board to determine guiding principles for the Conferences Committee to work from when considering future site proposals for ISMB.

3c) Madrid option for ISMB/ECCB 2013 – The ISCB Board is asked to evaluate the financial considerations of a bid from Madrid to host ISMB/ECCB 2013, including, if necessary, the possibility of sharing the venue with another conference in order to reduce our conference’s share of the overall venue rental fees. Preliminary and basic comparative cost proposals will be presented from Madrid, Berlin, and Prague, as well as an historical record of these same costs from recent ISMB/ECCB meetings.

3d) Regional meetings expansion – In the past 5 years ISCB has substantially increased its conference offerings through the establishment of four new regional meetings in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, as well as the North American Great Lakes region. Further, the C-SHALS meeting has proven to be a well-attended and successful meeting addressing the specialist research topic of semantics in healthcare and the life sciences. These meetings have begun to achieve the stated goals: to increase the visibility of ISCB and to offer high quality scientific meetings to members that are not usually present at the main meeting - ISMB. The meetings are financially self-sufficient. Where to from here? Should ISCB continue its involvement in these meetings, and how should this involvement be managed, especially in cases where we are affiliating with or taking over pre-existing local meetings.
10:50-11:05 Session 4: Publications Committee (Scott Markel)
The Publications Committee structure and role within ISCB will be considered, potentially changing the scope and name to include Communications. We might use FASEB as a model as they have a well formulated Publications and Communications Committee.
11:05-11:20 Session 5: Affiliates Representative to the Board (Bruno Gaeta)
A large number of regional, national and international bioinformatics societies are affiliated with ISCB, however their involvement in the direction of the Society has been limited except for a few very active groups. Benefits of affiliate societies for ISCB include increased local and regional presence, avenues for local outreach, and source of local information. This discussion focuses on determining the role and expectations of a non-voting representative for affiliate societies on the Board (elected by the Affiliates Committee), as was recently approved on a one-term (three years) trial basis, with evaluation on whether to continue or not during year two.
11:20-11:50 Session 6: Fellows Voting Procedures (Alfonso Valencia with Russ Altman and Larry Hunter joining as Fellows Committee Member guests)
Now that the first year of new voting procedures for Fellows has been concluded, this feedback session will explore what worked well and what opportunities for improvement might still exist within the system in place.
11:50-12:00 Wrap up and review of/commitment to action items
Bringing it all together from Sessions 1-5, as well as discussion on topics for which there was no or insufficient time to discuss during the earlier sessions.
ISCB Committee Annual Reports
a. Affiliates
b. Awards
c. Conferences
d. Education
e. Fellows
f. Finance
g. Governance
h. Journal Reports:
-- OUP Bioinformatics Annual Report
-- PLoS Computational Biology Annual Report
i. Nominations
j. Public-Affairs & Policies
k. Publications
l. Student Council
m. Treasurer
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