ImJin Day Pillar


Im Jin Day pillar (general reading):Translation from a few top hit Korean astrologists' postings.

Day pillar (or axis) is one of the four pillars in Sa ju pal ja (사주팔자).
Day pillar is used as the main skeleton/component in relation to
3 other pillars.  Day pillar is the most important and it represents me (myself).
The year pillar represents my ancestors.
The month pillar represents my parents. The hour pillar represents my descendents. 

Im Jin's main element is water. Im Jin's animal is dragon.
The waters around Imjin are wet lands drowned in the sea, swamps and tidal flats. 
(Your water type is swamp type)

It also symbolizes the ascension of a dragon.

The Im Jin day pilar is a vast land immersed in a deep river.

Therefore, Imjin day pilar has a differently large-scale of thinking from ordinary people.

They like to work with big projects because they dream big and great things.

The person who was born in Imjin day,  is a person with generosity and courtesy
who takes good care of the lower ranked people and respects the upper rank people in organizations and society.

The Imjin day people have a bias towards supportive roles.
Therefore, this day people is a person who has a strong sense of responsibility and does his/her best.
There is no hesitation in that.
In fact, she is more suitable for an organization than a self-employed or freelancer,
but it has a slightly complicated fate structure, so it is difficult to say that she is a 100% organizational/company person, either.

She has an honest and confident personality, but she has a personality that is easily agitaed/excited and also dogmatic (not easily changeable).
She is a free-spirited, proud person with full confidence.

She is a person who has a quick wit/brain and has excellent skills and application skills to learn.

Therefore, there are many people with complex psychology.
It's a very complex and insecure combination of energy.
Because it is structured in this way, even the herself does not know her own psychology well.
Imjin people have a bias and tends to be ambitious and power-oriented.
Imjin is a representative group of people whom other people cannot understand the inside.

Inventive, because of great creativity. Developing and engineering news things. Occupations such as designer are also suitable.

If you take advantage of the spirit of the 괴강, whether you are a man or a woman, they tend to be leaders, and Imjin women are very smart, the work is quick, and the eyes for understanding atmosphere are good.

The learning ability, application ability, and adaptability ability of the Imjin people are the best out of all the 60 fortune types.

It is good to be a staff or assistant rather than the top leader.  If you use the characteristics of your bias and find a suitable place in the organization, you are a person who does better than anyone else. You must be disciplined. If you are humble, your fortune will be good.

For Imjin women, it is easy to get sick in the uterus after middle age.

In Imjin people, the kidneys, bladder, and prostate are weak. It is easy to be exposed to stroke or urological outbreaks, and the stomach, liver, and biliary tract are not healthy.

Your hearing may be weakened or diabetes may occur, you should pay attention to your eating and lifestyle habits.  It is easy to get skin diseases, and if there is no fire element (화) or if fire element in your fortune is weak, you can easily get sick on the stomach.


Among, Imjin people, there are many men and women with very attractive appearances. Their personalities can include obession (extremely tidy for example). If there are more than 3 Goi-gang power including day pillar, you have the power to acquire great wealth in life. Imjin people have a strong power to overcome adversity and hardships in life.

In today's infinitely competitive society, having at least one Goigang is interpreted as another competitive edge (good thing: in the past, it meant too much aggression).

Imjin day pillar people has the shape that s/he is on her/his own graveyard.
It means, in bad luck, they can have poor health, depression, and mental problems such as bipolar disorder.

Imjin day pillar people have very strong thinking power from the deep water character. Therefore, they tend to think ahead two or three steps. So, even though they do not intend to hide their intension/emotion, people find it hard to understand Imjin people's mind and emotion. 

2020 fortune:
The day pillar two letters are linked with the year letters (경자: 2020). In 2020, the two yearly letters are Gyung (경) and Ja (자)

Imjin's Jinto (진토) and Gyungja-year(2020) Ja (자) are water. The water power maximizes the energy of water even more in this year.
(자 has water. Original Imjin has water and this year, you have even more water.)

In summary, Imjin people, who met Gyung-ja-year (2020), is biased toward even more extreme, because water is added to the strong energy of water. (things are amplified even more)

A bit worrying aspect of that is excessive confidence will may become too much of pride.

When 상관 energy becomes strong, it becomes stronger and stronger, and if men cannot create wealth(money), s/he tries to overcome the job fortune(trying to quit the job).   It means, Imjin men (male) try to get out of their jobs if they feel they cannot get enough wealth they desired. Since the tendency to get free from the organization is triggered this year. 
Imjin men will have a conflict with their children.

In case of women for this year, Imjin women will have a conflict with their spouses or boyfriends.

To find out the spouse luck and wealth luck of a man around Imjin in Gyungja year(2020), you can look at the movements of Jeong Jae-in's 천간's  정 hwa(fire).

In the year of Gyungja(2020),  정 hwa(fire) is an  "abrupt severing" in 12 stars effect.

Abrupt severing (절지) is the energy that hits the floor and rises again, as I have explained before.  It is like a deep sorrow that breaks through one world to obtain a new world.

* 절지(abrupt severing) is a certain state or power from 12 stars table: It means severing. It also means nothing as severed.

In 2020, for people who are Imjin, there is a certainty of change in wealth and spouses.

This year, you will have to deal with knowing that there are tremendous changes in wealth and spouse luck around Imjin in Gyeongja year (2020).

To find out the spouse and job luck of Imjin women in Gyungja year, you can look at the movement of 기토 천간(Kito cheon-gan).

For men, in the year of Gyeongja, the GiTo(기토) is again about abrupt severing force from the temple with 12 stars.

It represents an extreme and sure change of energy in this year.

Likewise for women around Imjin, the relationship with the spouse is expected to change during the Gyeongja year(2020), and it is the year/time when her relationship in terms of  work, men, and spouses will clearly change.

While in the past, you were holding your decision due to lack of courage, however, this year, you will make decisions on all things in your life and you will make new attempts. There will be a new relationship formed.