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Title : Personal Genomics
Speaker : Dr. Jong Bhak (Director of Personal Genomics Institute, SNU)

Date & Time : 2012. 5. 9. 수요일 17:00
Where :
융대원 D-123

Genomics is moving fast towards personalized medicine due to the NGS (next generation sequencers).Personal genomics has two meanings. One is it is research on many people's genomes. The other is it is done by non-academic researchers such as doctors, hospitals, and companies. The core of personal genomics is analyzing genomes using computers . Information technology is the key in biology. Fast and efficient pipelines for genome sequences are critical. Large international projects such as PGP (personal genome project) and PAPGI (pan asia population genomics) are introduced.

Jong Bhak is the director of PGI (Personal Genomics Institute) since 2010. He had been the director of KOBIC (Korean Bioinformation Center) since 2005. He worked on a broad range of bioinformatics problems with interests in computer hardware, operating systems, programming, and applications. He received his BSc. Honours in biochemistry from Aberdeen University in 1994 and his Ph.D. in BioInformatics from Cambridge University in 1997. He joined genetics department at Harvard Medical School in 1998 as a postdoctoral researcher for DNA chip analyses. He worked as a research fellow in EBI from 1999 until 2001. In 2001, he joined MRC-DUNN as a group leader to research geronto-genomics and mitochondrial functions. In 2003, he became an associate professor at KAIST, Korea. He is a proponent of an openfree information sharing in science. He advocates free genomics projects. His group analyzed the first Korean human genome and the first publically available female genome.

초청자 : 나노융합학과Prof. JanLagerwall (연락처 : 031-888-9165, janlagerwall@snu.ac.kr)