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  • SDG&E.  Please contact SDG&E to transfer, effective immediately, my Account #8689-219-027-8 (identified by SDG&E as service for 8973 Complex Dr., Suite #A3, San Diego, CA 92123)  to the new owner, Jong Bhak (jongbhak@gmail.com).  If a transfer is not possible, then instruct SDG&E to close the account.
  • NORTH COUNTY INSURANCE.  Please contact Melissa Thomas (T: 760-745-9511 x 108, mthomas@northcountyinsurance.com) and Cc Marv Gilbert (mgilbert@northcountyinsurance.com) to notify Liberty Mutual Insurance to remove this unit from my Commercial Policy (#56857770) effective 5.05.16.
  • KMCOA.  Please contact Karina Tatum to advise the sale of this unit to Mr. Bhak and his wife was completed yesterday and provide her with Mr. Bhak's email address.  Please request they update their records and to not include the monthly association fees for this unit on my next statement (due June 1).