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Bioinformatic infrastructure for maintaining proteome information.

by Jong Bhak

Extracting the most out of omics databases requires automated
pipelines. Modern biological science requires such an automated platform
for handling data with proper a information technology infrastructure.
We introduce an integrated bioinformatic pipeline scheme for processing genomic, proteomic,
and RNA data. These pipelines incorporate a data mapping part: BioMatrix,
automation part: BioPipeline, daemoninzing part: BioEngine, and information
distribution part: BioPortal. As a specific BioPortal application for a processing raw 
proteomic data we have built a web service called As the fusion of
biological fields is accelerated, data glueing methods and integrated databases
are becoming the key issues in bioinformatics. We introduce a distributed approach of
sharing biological data using P2P for heterogeneous groups of researchers. 
Distributed resources architecture is fast and robust for projects that have a very large
number of participants. This approach is suitable for Asian and Oceanian regions.