Bhak HyukGeoSe

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Records about Bhak HyukGuSe in a Korean History Book (Sam Guk Yu Sa)

BC 54 April. On the first day, there was an eclipse. 

BC 53 Jan. A dragon appeared in AlYoung fountain and laid a baby girl from its side ribs. After the well name, she was called Alyoung. As Alyoung grows, she showed her high mental quality, HyukGuSe accepted her as queen and named her Lady Alyoung.

BC 50.  Japanese(倭人) came with militia and tried to invade the borders. However, having heard that our king has greatness, they went back without invasion.

BC 49 March. A meteor appeared at WangRyung spot(in the sky) 

BC 44 Aprial. A meteor appeared at Sam spot(in the sky)  

BC 41. HyukGeoSe and lady Alyoung went around the 6 provinces and encouraged farmers to grow silkworm farming and tried to raise the productivity of the farms. People praised these two as two saints.

BC 39. Jan. ByunHan kingdom surrendered and handed over their sovereignty. 

BC 37. Geum castle(fortress) was built in the capital. This year, king DongMyung took the throne of GoGuRyo.

BC 34. June. At the end of the month, there was an eclipse. 

BC 32. A palace was built in Geum castle. 

BC 28. April. There was an eclipse. NakRang people came to invade. They talked to each other after seeing our people do not lock the doors in the night and leave grains in the field; the people in this region do not steal each other and there is the right way in this country. If we invade them in the night scretly, we are not any different from  thieves. They turned back and left. 

BC 26 August. End of the month, there was an eclipse.

BC 20. In Feb. Hogong (瓠公) was sent to MaHan(馬韓) and greeted MaHan king. Mahan king scolded HoGong and said. JinHan and ByunHan are two vassel states of MaHan. Lately, both of them did not send us tributes. Is this the right ettiguette to serve the greater nation? HoGong answered:"Since two saints rose from our country, managing people became good and the heaven's timing is good. Warehouses are full and the people know how to be modest and respect. Therefore, from the people fled from NakRang, JinHan, ByunHan and even Japanese do not fear and like us. However, our king is modest and sent me to greet you, the respect is so much more than you deserve. However, you are angry and threaten us by military force, what is your intension? By this, MaHan king became raged and wanted to kill him. However, ministers on both right and left adviced him not to do so. At this, Mahan king allowed him to return. Before this incident, there were many Chinese people fled to the east to avoide the turmoil in China due to Jin kingdom. Many of them went to the east of Mahan and mixed with JinHan people. As JinHan became more and more prosperous, the King became sour and jealous about this to scold HoGong. We do not know the race and surname of HoGong but he was originally a Japanese. As he came with a gourd on his waist when he came crossing the East sea, we called him HoGong. 

  BC 19. MaHan's king died. A person spoke to persuade our King: West Han's king insulted our diplomat last time and he died now. If we strike the country now, we can conquer her. The King said it is not virtuous to take advantage of other people's misfortune. And he did not follow the advice. Instead, he sent diplomats to show respect and mourn the death. 

  BC 18. The founding king of BaekJe, OnJo, became the king of MaHan. 

  BC 15. Feb. There was an eclipse.

  BC 5. Diplomat from East OkJeo presented 20 good horses and said: Our king heard the news that there came a great person and sent me to present these horses to you. 

  BC 4. Feb. A meteor appeared on the HaGo spot in the sky. 

  BC 2. Jan. 1st, there was an eclipse. 

  AD 2. Sep. End of the month, there was an eclipse. 

  AD 3. Sep. Two dragons appeared in the middle of the Keum Castle well. Suddenly there was a thunder and the south gate was hit by lightening. 

  AD 4년 March. At the age of 61, the King died. He was buried at the north of DamUmSa, in snake grave. The present location is at the South of South River of GyungJu. After him, his first son NamHae Cha Cha Ung became the king.