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Biographical Sketch – Jong Bhak, PhD

Adjunct Professor of University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 858-200-6504; Email:

Personal Home page:;


10/1994-1997          MRC Centre, Cambridge, UK, Bioinformatics PhD (Cambridge Univ.

             Gonville and Caius College with Drs. Tim Hubbard and Cyrus Chothia)              

    PhD Thesis:  Genome sequence analysis and methods

9/1990-7/1994         Aberdeen University, Biochemistry BSc. Honours, 1st Class.

3/1986-7/1987         Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University, South Korea


Professional Affiliations

12/2016-present      Adjunct Professor, University of New Mexico.

08/2016-present      Geromics LLC (San Diego). Founder and CEO

06/2014-present      Professor, Biomedical Engineering, UNIST. Korea

                                Director of The Genomics Institute (TGI)

11/2014-present      CEO/Founder of Geromics Inc., UNIST, Korea

04/2010-present        Director (Founder), PGI (Personal Genomics Institute), Genome Research

  Foundation, South Korea (non-profit research foundation)

09/2009-present      Director and CEO, Theragen BiO Institute, TheragenEtex, Inc., Korea

03/2005-9/2009       Director, KOBIC (Korean Bioinformation Center), KRIBB, Daejeon, Korea

04/2003-3/2005       Associate Professor, Biosystems Dept., KAIST, Korea
01/2001-4/2003       Group Leader in Bioinformatics, MRC Centre, Cambridge, UK

04/1999-12/2001   Postdoc. with Dr. Liisa Holm, EBI, Cambridge, UK

1/1998-4/1999         Research Fellow, Postdoc. in George Church Lab, Harvard Medical School,  

Genetics Dept., Boston MA


Major Interests and Goals

  • Genetic diagnostics for cancer and aging.
  • Curing aging using genomics technologies


  • Genome Korea (10,000 + Korean human genome project).
  • The Korean human reference genome project (2016. Nature Communications)
  • Gastric Cancer Genomic Project, in collaboration with the Korean National Cancer Center
  • The de novo Whale Genome Project, (in press, Nature Genetics)
  • The de novo Tiger Genome Project, (published Nature Communications 2013)
  • Korean Genome Project: sequenced more than 80 Korean genomes (


List of publications (Google Scholar ID: ‘jongbhak’)


Genome-wide data from two early Neolithic East Asian individuals dating to 7700 years ago

Siska et al., 2017. Science Advances (corresponding)


An ethnically relevant consensus Korean reference genome is a step towards personal reference genomes. Yun Sung Cho et al., Nature Communications, 2016 (corresponding)



Comparison of carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore mammalian genomes with a new leopard assembly. Soonok Kim et al., Genome Biology, 2016 (corresponding)


Genomic profile analysis of diffuse-type gastric cancers

Yeon-Su Lee et al., Genome Biology, 2014 (corresponding)


Minke whale genome and aquatic adaptation in cetaceans.

Hyung-Soon Yim et al., Nature Genetics,  2014. (corresponding)


Tiger genome and comparative analysis with lion and snow leopard genomes.

Yun Sung Cho et al.,  Nature Communications, 2013  (corresponding)