Controlled Global Warming Initiative

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Controlled Global Warming Initiative

Jong Bhak


Background: Since I was young, I have been thinking that the global warming phenomenon is not a simplitically interpretable phenomenon. I suggest that scientists should be more open-minded and neurtal to the phenomenon of rising or decreasing global temperature.

Most area of the Earth is very cold for biological objects in my opinion.


Philosophically, global warming phenomenon is not "specially artificial" in the history of the Earth.

Living organizms have been controlling temperature, air, oxygen, the surface and water of the Earth for billions of years.


Conclusion: I suggest humans make the Earth warmer by a method of controlled global warming and the outcome will be "controlled climate system"  in the future. Controlled Climate System include controlling water, rain, and temperature.


Related subjects:

The Earth as a park: The Earth has an "organic climate metabolism". By using least amount of energy or effort, humans can make 95% of the land surface 'natural' parks. Controlled global warming can contribute to the Park Earth positively.

Controlled globabl warming is about making the Earth warmer with least polutants and considering the economic benefits and growth of the world.

Covolutionally, the universe has been controlling the climate "artificially, computationally, and organically" anyway.



Is globabl warming really bad?

Are we morally bad and needed to be blamed if we do not support active reduction of CO2?

How many living organisms get killed by cold weather every winter time?

What is artificual? Is oxygen on Earth natural?