Daewoo IQ 1000 spec

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Z80A, running at 3.6 MHz. 8 bits bits.
32 KiB, expandable up to 144 kbytes (using banking). They contain the operating system and Microsoft Extended BASIC.
32 KiB. Memory can be expanded up to 64 KiB.
Not enough information.
Typewriter keyboard, QWERTY layout. 78, including 5 function keys. The obligatory strange MSX cursor keypad is almost certainly there.

Like all MSX machines, handled by the famous TMS-9918A, capable of displaying 16 colours and 32 sprites. Text characters can be freely defined by the user. Here are the available display modes:
  • SCREEN 0: Text mode, 40x24, character matrix is 6x8 pixels. Two colours. Sprites are not available in this mode.
  • SCREEN 1: Text mode, 32x24, character matrix is 8x8 pixels. 16 colours, with each character cell having its own foreground and background colours.
  • SCREEN 2: Bitmap mode, 256x192. 16 colours. Colour resolution is 8x1 pixels: that is, for every group of 8x1 pixels, only one foreground/background colour pair may be displayed. This is a standard TMS-9918A limitation. Text resolution is the same as in SCREEN 1, i.e. 32x24, with a 8x8 pixel character matrix.
  • SCREEN 3: Low resolution graphics 64x48, formed by using the text mode (SCREEN 1) with 4x4 block graphics (each 8x8 pixel matrix holds four low resolution pixels). Colour resolution is the same as for SCREEN 1, i.e. one foreground/background colour pair per 8x8 character cell (so, in terms of low resolution pixels, 2x2 pixel groups must share the same two colours). This mode cannot display text.
  • 272×240 at 60 Hz (Raster, no rotation)
Equally standard: 3 channels of sound, plus one channel of white noise. 8 octaves are available. The sound is generated by an independent chip. Actually, this is almost certainly the famous AY-3-8912.
Peripheral Memory

I'm not completely certain about all of these:


  • TV output (RF modulator).
  • Composite video port.
  • Audio output.
  • 2x Joystick ports.
  • Cartridge ports.
  • Expansion port.
  • Tape recorder (2,400 bps).
  • Parallel port (Centronics port).

Iq1000 ad 3.jpg: Jong's first computer looked like this. The keyboard was block keyboard. The salesman who came told me not to buy the block keyboard. I insisted on buying it.

Iq1000 ad.jpg

Iq2000 ad.jpg