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About Jong Bhak's philosophy

One reason why I think I became to a philosopher was that I have had a clear perception on my brain's network upgrading process. 

I am not sure how specificaly that is the case to me (as I have asked some people but not many people seem to  remember when they were growing up). 

Since I was young, I had gone through a lot of philosophical steps. This happened always when I was in a special mental mediation state. I would sit and be gone like a zombie for hours while my brain would run in all kinds of directions (multiple neuronal connections I presume) and namely see a lot of connections and conceptual parts logically corrected, linked and expanded. At some point at certain time, suddenly, I reach a new level of conceptual and perception level that it resolves problems that were not possible previously. 

For example, as a 4 year old child, I would not understand why toy cars are shaped such and how birds make nests in what context. Suddenly, those bits and pieces are completely and consisently understood with so many photographical images I have accumulated (I have been processing information with some kind of visual parts until I became around 14). 

I could see a tight physical rule and network that shapes the forms and mechanisms of building cars and nests. When I was around six, from the shapes of various animals I perceived some kind of connection in the morphology, relatedness and advancement. Birds seem very different from us, while I could connect them structurally and could perceive distant relatedness. This kind of thing was one of my own perception development that I remember.

I had such a observation based paradigm that did not have any logical explanation but as a clear patterns. Therefore, when I first learned about evolution in primary school, I thought that all other human beings were thinking like me and those theories were just an explanation in languages that were so obvious and clear as visual patterns and skeletons. 

This stage lasted until I become around 15 when I first encountered serious mathematical proof problem from high school teachers. Later, Mr. ChulGyu Park, a mathematics teacher clearly persuaded me the value of logical proof. Still, I was always not satisfied by logical proofs. My brain was not constructed that way. It would always grasp patterns fast and holistically. Slow logical steps can be interesting to watch and fun, but it was too slow. Overall, human brains can get more or less correct answers. 
For example, sometimes, I would see very complex integrals and differentials. However, by just looking at them (the shape of the equations) and the kind of context, I would have clear answwer that the answer must be 1, 0, a very large number, or some arbitrary but meaningful number. 

My pattern recognition achieved many philosophical levels as I was reading many books. I found out that the philosophical and social books (incluuding novels) have gone through distinct stages what I was going through independently. 

It was surprizingly that I was living thousands of years of human philosophical/mental development. I could see what the meaning of religion (I personaly tell this as I went over the problem and solved religion problem). I thought I solved the problem of violence among organisms, meaning of god, death, social interaction principles, pychological intepretation of many behavioural patterns guided by Freud, mathematical and logical construction of philosophy helped by Russell, insightful construction of the universe by Nitzche, development problems as in Rousseau, education problems in Hesse, etc etc. 

Throughout the reading of various books by Fromm, I could understand a lot of philosophical minds and realized that I was not just learning their principles or knowledge, but I was selectively 'recognizing' or 'pattern matching' . It means that one's philosophical advancement or enrichment is not in fact a specific individual one but a part of a huge brain( 

The individuals depending their interest and genetic makeup just recognize the skeleton/backbone of such philosophical principles. Those principles are tightly woven by physical laws and rules. Those phisical rules seem very physical in the sense that they are 3 dimentional. 

However, as I grow older, I started to perceive that the essence is not the visual 3D images or objects,  but the interrelationship that are metaphisical. My philosophical development (personal involution I would say) was in fact a kind of involution (leveling downward to deeper and deeper network layers rather than going up to a physically bigger and broader ones). Interestingly, such involution(evolution sounds like it always going outwords and even some kind of advancement), led to understanding the physical world in a more consistent way. Instead of modelling 3D, I model the universe using information objects. 3D is just a mental visualization of such information objects such as 3D objects in the Age of Empire 3D computer game. 

This enabled me reach to a certain level of phiosophy that I had to reorganize a lot of previous short distance insights and logics. In terms of involution, I had reached where I had to design a new core or philosophy engine. This new philosophy engine is different from Fromm's, Freud's, Karl Marx's, Jung's and Russell's. It is based on simple hardware called 'evolution' that has been perceived by myself since I was young (and I am sure any sound 6 year old children have similar evolutionary perception). Evolution is perhaps the very first universally acceptable mechanism or law humans ever suggested. Einstein's and Newton's theories and principles can be encapsulated and confined to a small ball in this universe, however, evolution will  always stay at a very high and general level in the steps of human mind development. This universe is composed of energy, information and time. Energy is the raw material(and non-material) that changes its states in time. Information is the organization or structure of the energy. 
Biogical beings on Earth including humans are the information objects. I.e., they contain the structure and organization of energy. They channel, control, manipulate, acquire and discharge in the course of time. Each organism is a relatively tight information processor interconnected with other organisms. All the organisms in one layer are also interconnected to other levels of information objects such as cells, proteins, atoms and small physical particles. However, the information processing rules are relatively simple appearing in fractal manner.
As the universe changes in time, the biological network of information becomes intricate and complex with growing layers. The information network layers (called biolayers) become bigger in size and more powerful in terms of controlling energy flow. This kind of layer is omnipresent in the universe. In other words, surely there are numerous information processing objects as humans on Earth. At the moment, they are not interlinked in a tight fashion. These are all linked but in a very weak way. Humans communicate with other alien humans using minimum information for now. 
Inside Earth boundary, the biological information layer has formed Internet, airplane routes and mobile phone networks.