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Jong Bhak's Projects


I am going to know everything about everything of the universe of all the possible universes of the universe.


The following are large projects that I decided to do when I was around 14.

1) Stopping aging and reversing aging of all life forms

2) Controlling every single molecule of the Earth and universe

3) Developing ultimate computers that can compute everything of the unvierse in real time very fast

4) Knowing all the history of the all the galaxies, stars, and planets and their future expansion trajectories.

5) Developing machinies that can travel, explore and collect all the information of everything of the universe


Science and Engineering projects: 

Jong's life time biological interest is learning about biological ageing and finding methods of curing diseases.

Omics: the new paradigm of biology. 
   Personal genomics
   genomics | functiomics | Interactomics | Ligandomics 
Bioengine: building the core of bioinformatics.
   biopipeline: Making every BiO stuff automatic
   bioworkflow: The heart of BioEngine
   Biomatics: establishing a field that constructs the biouniverse. 
Biological ageing: Aging omics at genome scale. 
BioOS: constructing an OS for BiO
   BioLinux: constructing Linux based BioOS
Bioperl: making a programming language for the biouniverse.
Network biology: The biology of networked information objects.
Bioinformatics: the other name of biology.

Philosophical and Social projects:
Biosophy: the philosophy project of Jong (
   Biosapiens: Jong is building a human species
   Biouniverse: Jong is building a universe.
   Bioism: The ideology of BiO
   Biologicism: The logicism branch of biosophy.
   Biosociety: We are building a society that is biological and biosophical
BioLanguage: constructing a language
FreeScience: Science with freedom and independence

Park Earth Project

BioBrain Project

Biowiki project

Simulating the Universe: I am going to simulate the whole universe in the future.

The most accurate history construction using Bioinformatics and Computers:

Jong's specific research projects
Interactomics (
Interfaceomics (

General Research Interests
Life time research interest: Ageing (Biological Gerontology)
Life time main occupation: Philosophy (Biosophy)

* Personal Genomics:

  • Pathogen-host interaction analysis at genomic/proteomic scale.

This work is on a large-scale pathogenic interaction studies using protein-protein interaction information.

  • Structural Interactomics (the whole biomolecular structural interaction network construction and analysis. Mainly proteins and their ligands). This is a high resolution structural analysis of interactome. It defines precisely the structural patterns and topologies of protein and chemical domains using computer algorithms developed by us. (Park, et al., 2001, JMB). (Http://
  • Network Biology (mapping and archiving biological entities such as sequences, structures and genomes using search algorithms and methodologies developed by my group). This is more toward evolutionary and computational analysis of biological spaces (protein space, etc). It is computational and mathematical. (Review article: Park, 2002, IEEE, Intelligent systems). (Http://
  • Computational Bioenergetics (constructing databases for energy metabolism related genes and chemicals to analyze their networks and functions). We have been working on mitochondrial energy metabolism related proteins and their interactions and pathways to eventually model the biochemistry of energy metabolism.
  • Geronto-Genomics (bioinformatics research of gerontology). We are constructing the databases for ageing related genes and proteins to establish a new field of gerontology where computational and genomic infrastructure is used on biological ageing problems.
  • Protein Chemical (ligand) Interaction. I have been interested in the interaction between proteins and their ligands. No publishable or significant research results are available yet. However, I am quite interested in this topic and am currently negotiating a collaboration and grant with a research institute (symposium presentation: annual Korean Biochemistry society meeting, 2002. RNA and DNA binding proteins domains)
  • SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) and SAP (small number amino acid polymorphism) analysis.
  • BioInfra (Construction of Bioinformatic infrastructure for large scale industrial biotechnology applications)
  • Molecular Anthropology. I have been interested in analyzing ancient DNA to track the origins and migrations of ethnic groups.
  • Protein and DNA chip development. I have been interested DNA chip data analysis for sometime. Now, I am interested developing and designing protein chips to detect proteins and map their interactions. 

Jong's hypotheses, theories, and speculations 

Genome Equilibrium Hypothesis
    Why there are introns
Out of Asia speculation (Out of nowhere speculation)

BioOS and PerlOS