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Unitsa Sangket, Amornrat Phongdara, Wilaiwan Chotigeat, Darran Nathan, Woo-Yeon Kim, Jong Bhak, Chumpol Ngamphiw, Sissades Tongsima, Asif M. Khan, Honghuang Lin and Tin Wee Tan.
Automatic Synchronization and Distribution of Biological Databases and Software over Low-Bandwidth Networks among Developing Countries.
Bioinformatics, p299-301, 2008

Donguk Kim, Cheol-Hyung Cho, Youngsong Cho, Joonghyun Ryu, Jonghwa Bhak and Deok-Soo Kim,
Pocket extraction on proteins via the Voronoi diagram of spheres.
Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modelling, 2008, 26(7):1104-1112.

Jeong-Gu Kim, Daeui Park, Byoung-Chul Kim, Seong-Woong Cho, Yeong Tae Kim, Young-Jin Park, Hee Jung Cho, Hyunseok Park, Ki-Bong Kim, Kyong-Oh Yoon, Soo-Jun Park, Byoung-Moo Lee and Jong Bhak,
Predicting the Interactome of Xanthomonas oryzae pathovar oryzae for target selection and DB service.
BMC Bioinformatics, 2008 January 24. doi: 10.1186/1471-2105-9-41.

Byoung-Chul Kim, Woo-Yeon Kim, Daeui Park, Won-Hyong Chung, Kwang-sik Shin and Jong Bhak,
SNP@Promoter: A database of human SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) within putative promoter region. 
BMC Bioinformatics,  13 Feb. 2008, 9:S1-S2.

Woo-Yeon Kim*, Sungsoo Kang*, Byoung-Chul Kim, Jeehyun Oh, Seongwoong Cho, Jong Bhak§ , and Jong-Soon Choi§,
SynechoNET: integrated protein-protein interaction database of a model cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
BMC Bioinformatics, 13 Feb. 2008, 9:S1-S20.

Yong-Doo Park, Daeui Park, Jong Bhak and Jun-Mo Yang,
Proteomic approaches for the analysis of atopic dermatitis and new insights from interactomics., 
PROTEOMICS Clin. Appl., 2008, 2:290-300.

Jin Ok Yang, Charny Park, Byungwook Lee, Sangsoo Kim,  Jong Bhak* and Hyun Goo Woo,
GS2PATH: A web-based integrated analysis tool for finding functional relationships using gene ontology and biochemical pathway data. 
Bioinformation, Dec. 30, 2007, 2(5):194-196.

Daeui Park, Jungwoo Lee, Giseok Yoon, Sungsam Gong and Jong Bhak,
Biological Object Downloader (BOD) Service for Easy Download and Management of Biological Databases.
Genomics & Informatics, Dec. 2007, 5(4):196-199.

Sungsoo Kang, Sung-Jin Yang, Sangsoo Kim* , and Jong Bhak*,
CONSORF: a consensus prediction system for prokaryotic coding sequences.
Bioinformatics, 8 Oct. 2007, 23(22):3088-3090.

Chang Pyo Hong, Zhong Yun Piao, Tae Wook Kang, Jacqueline Batley, Tae-Jin Yang, Yoon-Kang Hur, Jong Bhak, Beom-Seok Park, David Edwards and Yong Pyo Lim.
Genomic Distribution of Simple Sequence Repeats in Brassica rapa. 
Mol. Cells, 6 March 2007, 23(3):349-356.

Jung Kyoon Choi, Sang Cheol Kim, Jungmin Seo, Sangsoo Kim and Jong Bhak,
Impact of Transcriptional Properties on Essentiaity and Evolutionary Rate.
Genetics, January 2007, 175:199-206.

Yang TJ, Kim JS, Kwon SJ, Lim KB, Choi BS, Kim JA, Jin M, Park JY, Lim MH, Kim HI, Lim YP, Kang JJ, Hong JH, Kim CB, Bhak J, Bancroft I, Park BS.
Sequence-level analysis of the diploidization process in the triplicated FLOWERING LOCUS C region of Brassica rapa.
Plant Cell, 2006, 18(6):1339-1347.

Parameter selection of pocket extraction algorithm using interaction interface. 
Kim Chong-Min, Won Chung-In, Ryu Joonghyun, Cho Cheol-Hyung, Bhak Jonghwa and Kim Deok-Soo, September 2006, 
Journal of Zhejiang University - Science A, 7(9):1492-1499.

BioCC: An Openfree Hypertext Bio Community Cluster for Biology.
Sungsam Gong, TaeHyung Kim, Jungsu Oh, Jekeun Kwon, SuAn Cho, Dan Bolser and Jong Bhak,
Genomics & Informatics, September 2006, 4(3):125-128.

Localizome: a server for identifying transmembrane topologies and TM helices of eukaryotic proteins utilizing domain information.
Sunghoon Lee, Byungwook Lee, Insoo Jang, Sangsoo Kim and Jong Bhak,
Nucleic Acids Research, April 19, 2006, 34:W99-W103. (ISSN:0305-1048)

Functional Annotation and Analysis of Korean Patented Biological Sequences Using Bioinformatics.
Byung Wook Lee, Tae Hyung Kim, Seon Kyu Kim, Sang Soo Kim, Gee Chan Ryu and Jong Bhak,
Mol. Cells, March 2006, 21(2):269-275.

HExDB: Human EXon DataBase for Alternative Splicing Pattern Analysis and predicted human gene number.
Junghwan Park, Minho Lee, Tae Hyung Kim, Jong Bhak,
Genomics &Informatics, September 2005, 3(3):112-117.

A protein domain interaction interface database: InterPare.
Sungsam Gong, Changbum Park, Hansol Choi, Junsu Ko, Insoo Jang, Jungsul Lee, Dan M. Bolser, Donghoon Oh, Deok-Soo Kim and Jong Bhak,
BMC bioinformatics, 2005, 6:207. (ISSN:1471-2105)

Euclidean Voronoi diagrams of 3D sphereds and applications to protein structure analysis.
Deok-Soo KIM, Youngsong CHO, Donguk KIM, Sangsoo KIM, Jonghwa BHAK and Sung-Hoon LEE,
Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, June 2005, 22(2):251-265. (ISSN:0916-7005)

BioCovi: A visualization service for comparative genomics analysis, Jungsul Lee, Daeui Park and Jong Bhak, 
Genomics & Informatics, 2005, 3(2):52-54.

Comparative interactomics analysis of protein family interaction networks using PSIMAP (protein structural interactome map),
Daeui Park, Semin Lee, Dan Bolser, Michael Schroeder, Michael Lappe, Donghoon Oh and Jong Bhak,
Bioinformatics, May 2005, 21(15):3234-3240. (ISSN:1367-4803)

PSIbase: a database of protein structural interactome map (PSIMAP),
Sungsam Gong, Giseok Yoon Insoo Jang, Dan Bolser, Panos Dafas, Michael Schroeder, Hansol Choi, Yoobok Cho, Kyungsook Han, Sunghoon Lee, Hwanho Choi, Michael Lappe, Liisa Holm, Sangsoo Kim, Donghoon Oh and Jonghwa Bhak,
Bioinformatics, 2005, 21(10):2541-2543. (ISSN:1367-4803)

Joowon Lee, Hana Kim, Wonhye Lee, Dongil Chung and Jong Bhak,
BioSubroutine: an open web server for bioinformatics algorithms and subroutines.
Genomics & Informatics, March 2005, 3(1):35-38.

Hyun S. Moon, Jonghwa Bhak, Kwang H. Lee and Doheon Lee,
Architecture of Basic Building Blocks in Protein and Domain Structural Interaction Networks.
Bioinformatics, 2005, 21(8):1479-1486. (ISSN:1367-4803)

Hyeong Jun An, Doheon Lee, Kwang Hyung Lee and Jonghwa Bhak,
The association of Alu repeats with the generation of potential AU-rich elements (ARE) at 3'untranslated regions.
BMC Genomics, 21 Dec. 2004, 5:97 p.1-5. (ISSN : 1471-2164)

Jonghwa Bhak, Dan Bolser, Daeui Park, Yoobok Cho, Kiesuk Yoon, Semin Lee, SungSam Gong, Insoo Jang, Changbum park, Maryana Huston and Hwanho Choi,
The Atom of Evolution.
Genomics & Informatics, December 2004, 2(4):167-173.

Panos Dafas, Dan Bolser, Jacek Gomoluch, Jong Park and Michael Schroeder,
Using convex hulls to extract interaction interfaces from known structures.
Bioinformatics, 2004, 20(10):1486-1490. (ISSN:1367-4803)

Hyeong Jun An, Dokyun Na, Doheon Lee, Kwang Hyung Lee and Jonghwa Bhak,
High correlation between Alu elements and the conversion of 3 UTR of mRNAs processed pseudogenes.
Genomics & Informatics, June 2004 , 2(2):86-91.

Kyungsook Han, Byungkyu Park, Hyongguen Kim, Jinsun Hong and Jong Park,
HPID: The Human Protein Interaction Database.
Bioinformatics, Apr. 29th, 2004, Vol. 20(15):2466-2470. (ISSN:1367-4803) IF:5.742

Wankyu Kim, Dan M. Bolser and Jong Park,
Large scale co-evolution analysis of Protein Structural Interlogues using the global Protein Structural Interactome Map(PSIMAP).
Bioinformatics, 2004 Feb. 5th, 20(7):1138-1150. (ISSN : 1367-4803, Impact Factor : 5.742)

Dan M. Bolser and Jong Park,
Biological Network Evolution Hypothesis Applied to Protein Structural Interactome.
Genomics & Informatics, September 2003, Vol. 1(1) 7-19.

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Challenges and New Approaches in Genomics and Bioinformatics.
Genomics & Informatics, September 2003, Vol. 1(1) 1-6.

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Visualisation and Graph-theoretic Analysis of a Large-scale Protein Structural Interactome.
BMC Bioinformatics, 8 October 2003, 4;45 p.1-22. (ISSN:1471-2105)

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Visualization and Analysis of Protein Interactions.
Bioinformatics, 2003, 19(2):317-318. (ISSN:1367-4803)

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Predicting Protein Interactions in Human by Homologous Interactions in Yeast.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2003, Vol.2637, 159-165. (ISSN:0302-9743)

Large Scale Statistical Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction by Potentially Interacting Domain (PID) Pair.
Wankyu Kim, Jong Park and Jungkeun Suh,
Genome Informatics, 2002, 13: 42-50.

InterViewer: Dynamic Visualization of Protein-Protein Interactions.
Kyungsook Han, Byonghyon Ju and Jong Park,
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2002, Vol.2528, 364-365. (ISSN:0302-9743)

Sequence similarity between stereocilin and otoancorin points to a unified mechanism for mechanotransduction in the mammalian inner ear.
Luca Jovine, Jong Park and Paul M Wassarman,
BMC Cell Biology, 2002, 3:28 (ISSN-NO:1471-2121)

Protein Interactions in the Whole Human Genome.
Kyungsook Han, Byunggyu Park, Hyongguen Kim, Hongjin Kim and Jong Park,
Genome Informatics, 2002, Vol.13, 318-319 (Poster presentation).

An Integrated Bioinformatic Search Server: Sequences, Structure, Interaction, and Function of Proteins (SSIF) Server.
Jaehyung Lee, Insong Koh, Jong Park,
Genome Informatics, 2001, 12: 480-481.

Protein Classification Comparison Server.
Junhyung Park, Sungryong Ryu, Cheolmin Kim, Insong Koh, Jong Park,
Genome Informatics, 2001, 12: 350-351.

Conservation of Protein Interaction Network in Evolution.
Jong Park and Dan  Bolser,
Genome Informatics, 2001, 12:135-140.

Generating protein interaction maps from incomplete data: application to fold assignment.
Lappe M., Jong Park, Niggemann O. and Holm L.,
Bioinformatics, 2001, Vol.17 Suppl.1, S149-S156. (ISMB 2001 paper printed in Bioinformatics) (ISSN:1367-4803)

Mapping protein family interactions: intramolecular and intermolecular protein family interaction repertoires in the PDB and yeast.
Jong Park, Lappe M. and Teichmann SA.,
Journal of Molecular Biology, 2001 Mar, 30;307(3):929-938. (ISSN : 0022-2836)

PartsList: a web-based system for dynamically ranking protein folds based on disparate attributes, including whole-genome expression and interaction information.
Qian J., Stenger B., Wilson CA., Lin J., Jansen R., Teichmann SA., Jong Park, Krebs WG., Yu H., Alexandrov V., Echols N. and Gerstein M.,
Nucleic Acids Res., 2001, 29(8):1750-1764. (ISSN:0305-1048)

A fully automatic evolutionary classification of protein folds: Dali domain dictionary version 3.Dietmann S.,
Jong Park, Notredame C., Heger A., Lappe M. and Holm L.,
Nucleic Acids Res., 2001 Jan, 29(1):55-57. (ISSN:0305-1048)

Estimating the significance of sequence order in protein secondary structure prediction.
Jong Park, Sabine Dietmann, Andreas Heger and Liisa Holm, 
Bioinformatics, 2000, 16(11):978-987. (for Issue 9) (ISSN:1307-4803)

Fast assignment of protein structures to sequences using the intermediate sequence library PDB-ISL.
Sarah A. Teichmann, Cyrus Chothia, George M. Church and Jong Park,
Bioinformatics, 2000, 16(2), 117-124. (ISSN:1367-4803) IF:5.742

DaliLite workbench for protein structure comparison.
Liisa Holm and Jong Park,
Bioinformatics, 2000, Vol 16. Issue 6, p566-567. (ISSN:1367-4803)

RSDB: representative sequence databases with high information content.
Jong Park, Liisa Holm, Andreas Heger and Cyrus Chothia,
Bioinformatics, 2000 May, Vol 16. Issue No. 5. 458-464. (ISSN:1367-4803)

Sequence Search Algorithm Assessment and Testing Toolkit (SAT).
Jong Park, Liisa Holm and Cyrus Chothia,
Bioinformatics, 2000, Vol 16. No.2, 104-110. (ISSN:1367-4803)

Sequence Comparisons Using Multiple Sequences Detect Three Times as Many Remote Homologues as Pairwise Methods.
Jong Park, Karplus K., Barrett C., Hughey R., Haussler D., Hubbard T. and Chothia C.,
Journal of Molecular Biology, 11, Dec, 1998, 284(4):1201-1210. (ISSN:0022-2836)

Structural assignments to the proteins of Mycoplasma genitalium show that they have been formed by extensive gene duplications and domain rearrangements.
Sarah Teichmann, Jong Park and Cyrus Chothia,
PNAS, 8, Dec, 1998, 95(25):14658-14663.

DIVCLUS: an automatic method in the GEANFAMMER package that finds homologous domains in single- and multi-domain proteins.
Jong Park and Sarah Teichmann,
Bioinformatics, 1998, 14(2):144-50. (ISSN:1367-4803)

Intermediate sequences find distant sequence homologues.
Jong Park, Sarah A. Teichmann, Tim Hubbard and Cyrus Chothia,
Journal of Molecular Biology,. 17, Oct, 1997, 273(1):349-354. (ISSN:0022-2836)

Protein structure prediction: Playing the fold.
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RENDS IN BIOCHEMICAL SCIENCES, 1996 Aug, 21(8):279-281. (ISSN:0968-0004)

Update on protein structure prediction: results of the IRBM 1995 workshop.
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Fold recognition and ab initio structure predictions using Hidden Markov Models and beta-strand pair potentials.
Tim Hubbard and Jong Park, Proteins, 1995 Nov, 23(3):398-402.