KOGO 2013 winter

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 February 5 (Tuesday) Grand Ballroom

Main Session 4. Future Aspects of Genomic Technology
Organizer: 전주홍 (서울대학교)
Chair: 강창원 (카이스트)
Ion Semiconductor Sequencing - Scaling a Sequencing Technology to
Deliver Exomes and Genomes in a Just a Few Hours
Andy Felton (Ion Torrent,
Life Technologies)
15:55-16:20 Genome Analysis in Cloud Computing Platforms 이미숙 (Kt Bioinformatics)
16:20-16:45 Genomes and Genomics 박종화 (Theragen)
16:45-17:10 HiSeq & MiSeq Performance Upgrades 김경아 (Bio-Medical Science)
17:10-17:35 Advanced NGS Analysis of DNA Link 노규홍 (DNA Link Inc.)